Sol Martin

I have had 3 or 4 different personal trainers in the past and I have to say Marija is by far the best trainer I’ve had for many different reasons.

Marija has introduced me to new ways of working out that are challenging yet fun. I feel the difference during and after each session. She listens and fully understands the goals that I want to achieve. Pushes me physically/mentally and because of this reaching my goals have become easier.

Always gives good advice, encourages and welcomes questions.

Contactable outside PT sessions. In the past I’ve found that with other PT’s they are only helpful during paid sessions.

Marija is genuine and always wants to help and that was very clear to me early on during my first session. She has my best interests at heart which is extremely important.

I recommend her to anyone that has the goal to get stronger, fitter, healthier or compete better at any combat Sport.

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