Team workouts

Every company should be fit!

Offering team building training, boxing/kickboxing boot camp classes!

Some advantages of company boot camp in a row:

– outdoor / indoor sports at your business location

– during or just after working hours

– fitter employees

– team building / cooperation

– total body workouts; running, boxing and kickboxing  (with music)

– improving stamina/condition and endurance

– learning fighting skills while having fun

– mental training!

This sport program will have a very positive effect on the group dynamics and overall fitness  feeling of your employees. The trainer will pick up the group at your location and bring them back in your office again in 60 min.

If you are interested in a free trial, or personal conversation,  feel free to contact me. We can then schedule an appointment and a test lesson,  make the group absolutely enthusiastic with your choice of what to do with it.

All materials provided.

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