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Why to train with me

I’m an experienced fighter having years of experience with personal training in boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai for both professional or fitness levels. I also offer HIIT and weight loss training.

I work with all levels and all ages. We build your training plan together to achieve your personal goals as effectively as possible.


I motivate my clients mentally and physically. My unique background always inspires clients and gives them enthusiasm, power and motivation to train with me. My training sessions are hard but always fun. You never get bored.


Loosing weight

As a professional fighter, reducing weight was always part of my career so I know exactly from my personal experience how to make it correctly and effectively!



1) Initial 30 min meeting – we talk about your goals, previous experience, injuries and life habits. I introduce myself as an athlete and a trainer.

2) We create personal training plan according to our previous discussion.

3) In the future sessions we follow the plan and adjust it when necessary.  I make notes of your progress and review our training plan as I understand better your strengths and weaknesses.


Sessions are usually 1 hour.  We will work on your fitness, cardio and boxing/Muay Thai skills.  (And I will make it as fun as possible ). We start with warming up followed by technical martial arts part.  Then we continue with cardio and finally core exercises.

Reviews from clients

Marija Malenica

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