“Marija is by far the best trainer I’ve had for many different reasons.”

SolI have had 3 or 4 different personal trainers in the past and I have to say Marija is by far the best trainer I’ve had for many different reasons.

Marija has introduced me to new ways of working out that are challenging yet fun. I feel the difference during and after each session.  She listens and fully understands the goals that I want to achieve.  Pushes me physically/mentally and because of this reaching my goals have become easier.

Always gives good advice, encourages and welcomes questions.Contactable outside PT sessions. In the past I’ve found that with other PT’s they are only helpful during paid sessions.

Marija is genuine and always wants to help and that was very clear to me early on during my first session. She has my best interests at heart which is extremely important.

I recommend her to anyone that has the goal to get stronger, fitter, healthier or compete better at any combat Sport.

Sol Martin




Mandi“Fun, exciting and highly rewarding!”

I was hooked on kickboxing right from my first session with Marija.  She’s constantly pushing my limits with new fitness routines and kickboxing techniques making every session a mental and physical challenge. Her energy, positive attitude and hardcore workouts make training fun, exciting and highly rewarding!

Mandy Bouchedid





“Made me change my lifestyle.”


I met Marija 2,5 years ago and that made me change my lifestyle. I finally found a trainer that knew exactly how she should train someone.

She trains you hardcore but in a way that the time flies! we are laughing together while dying on the other side! I love boxing but she also makes you do other stuff so you also train different muscles and cardio to be able to keep up with the rounds, and to make certain muscles stronger that you need in the fight.

So for me the best trainer that I can imagine, because of her I started training 5x a week, I didn’t even mind getting out of my bed every morning, because I was really looking forward to it every day again!!!

Kim Boekhoorn





“Has great balance of being tough and funny.”

Marija is without a doubt the best trainer I ever had! She always managed push me to the max of my capacity each time being very attuned to my daily form. She has an easy going attitude, knowledge, provides plenty of variation and has great balance of being tough and funny.

We had lots of laughs I was the strongest and fastest me when we trained together and I definitely improved my kickboxing technique.

Marija is awesome!!

Caroline Häggström


“By definition she is a true pro.”

Hands down Marija is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. Her extensive knowledge and strong work ethic guarantees fast and highly effective results. By definition she is a true pro.

Amna Albastaki


“Marija is literally worth every penny!”


“I’d gone to Muay Thai classes at Fight city gym but I wanted to have private lessons and that’s how I found Marija. I’ve only had a few sessions so far but she is an amazing trainer. She pushes me and is very technical. She totally understands my goals and is helping me achieve them.

I’m already fit. I teach gym classes and I’ve seen some personal trainers charge ridiculous amounts just to put a client on the rowing machine but Marija is literally worth every penny! Despite being busy she always makes time outside of sessions to send feedback and reply to questions. And most of all, as a woman I find it super inspiring and empowering training with her. If i could, I’d train with her every day!”

Kaiya Shang




“You’ll walk out the gym in a world of pain, but with a smile on your face.”

“Challenging, rewarding…. and always a lot of fun!”

I’ve been training with Marija for a few months and really enjoying it. She gets great results and makes all the sessions fun. She’ll have you laughing whilst you’re being beasted and getting a great workout in. Whether you want your boxing and kickboxing technical skills refined or just want a hardcore sweat session to get in shape, lose fat and gain muscle, she can do it all. With all her professional experience she can train complete beginners who want to get in shape all the way up to elite athletes who want to compete at the highest levels. You’ll walk out the gym in a world of pain, but with a smile on your face.

Edward James

Training with Marija is challenging, rewarding…. and always a lot of fun : ) Marija’s technical guidance and motivation help me achieve something in every session. It’s great working with her… Thanks Marija!

Sam Fogwill


“Good laugh so can’t help but smile even when being put through my paces!”

Always amazing sessions, well put together and great knowledge/advice. Also have a good laugh so can’t help but smile even when being put through my paces! Thanks Marija, look forward to many more sessions!

Adam Gunby





“I highly recommend Marija.”

I’ve worked with multiple Personal Trainers over the years and Marija is the person I have enjoyed working with most. Marija brings fun and enjoyment to our PT Sessions and as a Professional Athlete, her knowledge is second to none. Focusing on Boxing and KickBoxing has re-engaged me with working out and going to the Gym is now something that I look forward to, rather than seeing this as a burden.

The results I have achieved have been quick and varied, but enjoyment is the output that sticks in my mind most. I highly recommend Marija.

– Daniel Ryan, Entrepreneur

“Training with Marija is: WORK HARD, PLAY HARD.”

Training with Marija is: WORK HARD, PLAY HARD. I loved how she was always pushing my boundaries. I could do so much more than I could ever imagined. And she has no mercy, but always in a controlled way, she knows exactly what she is doing. Besides this we always had lots of fun and laughed a lot throughout the whole training. I really loved training with Marija and miss her here in Amsterdam. Please come back!

Nicole Smeenk

“Marija is switched on, patient & gave me the confidence to keep improving.”

Marija ia an excellent Boxing PT & coach.

I started boxing around 18 months ago having no experience at all prior. Marija is switched on, patient & gave me the confidence to keep improving.
Her sessions are a mix of technical & fitness & she always takes time to write plans for outside training & tell you where you want to work on.
I cannot wait to get back in the gym with Marija & her sessions is money well spent.

Ryan Clarke

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